Large Electric Diamond Wire Saw Rock Cutting Machine for Stone & Concrete

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For the diamond wire rock cutting machine, the main motor adopts permanent magnet synchronous motor, which has the advantages of power saving, large torque and high efficiency. The wire saw speed on the flywheel can be automatically adjusted in the range of 0-50m / s to adapt to different cutting materials.

  • Model: KDWS-95
  • Power supply: 380V/50HZ
  • Main motor power: 95 kw / 130 hp
  • Wire saw speed: 0-50(m/s)
  • Rotaion angle: 360°
  • Gross weight: 4.5T
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    1. The equipment is controlled by vector frequency converter and automatic constant tension control system, which can automatically adjust the walking speed according to the change of cutting size, so that the bead wire rope is always in the best cutting condition.

    2. The equipment has safety protection functions such as rope breaking, overload, lack of phase, terminal limit, etc., the current is automatically tracked throughout the whole process, and the console screen displays real-time host set current, main motor current, main motor speed and other parameters, making operation and adjustment easier.

    3. The machine head can be rotated 360° to meet the requirements of different cutting environments. The equipment adopts high-quality electric controls and bearing accessories, independent partition structure, good dust-proof effect, and can work efficiently and stably in humid and dusty environments.

    4. The console can be equipped with wire control or remote control operation according to requirements, convenient and fast for moving and rotating control.


    Model KD-WS55 KD-WS75 KD-WS95
    Power Supply 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ 380V/50HZ
    Main Motor Power 55KW/75Hp 75KW/100Hp 95KW/130Hp
    Flywheel Diamoeter Marble Φ900mm
    Granite & Concrete Φ800mm
    Marble Φ900mm
    Granite & Concrete Φ800mm
    Marble Φ900mm
    Granite & Concrete Φ800mm
    Main Electrode Speed 0-980r/min(converter control) 0-980r/min(converter control) 0-980r/min(converter control)
    Wire Saw Speed 0-50(m/s) 0-50(m/s) 0-50(m/s)
    Guide Wheel Diameter 2*Φ380mm 2*Φ380mm 2*Φ380mm
    Max.Wire Saw Length 20-100m 20-120m 20-130m
    Lateral Moving Distance 400mm 500mm 500mm
    Power of Rotating Motor of Power Head 1.5KW(2Hp) 1.5KW(2Hp) 1.5KW(2Hp)
    Rotaion Angle 360° 360° 360°
    Moving Motor Power of Power Head 1.5KW(2Hp) 1.5KW(2Hp) 1.5KW(2Hp)
    Walking Speed of Machine 0-90m/h (converter control) 0-90m/h (converter control) 0-90m/h(converter control)
    Rail Length 2m / section
    4 section
    2m / section
    4 section
    2m / section
    4 section
    Allowed Working Temperature 5-122K 5-122K 5-122K
    Dimensions (L*W*H) 2.4*1.5*1.5m 2.5*1.6*1.6m 2.6*1.7*1.6m
    Gross Weight 3.0T 3.5T 4.5T

    Accessories List

    1. 4 section rail - 2 meter per section

    2. 4 guide wheels

    3. 15 meters connection line of control box

    4. 1 piece control box bracket

    5. 1 piece hydraulic plier

    6. 1 piece plier

    7. 2 pieces pipe wrenches

    diamond wire rock cutting machine
    electric wire saw

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