Jade Small Diamond Thin Wire Saw Cutting for Graphite & Ceramics

Short Description:

The small diamond wire saw is suitable for special-shaped cutting of graphite, ceramics, jade, luxury stone, and glass.

  • Model: WS-MN95
  • Diameter: 0.8mm
  • Production Process: Electroplated
  • Line Speed: 20-25 m/s
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    1. Mini cutting wire is made of high-strength diamond electroplated on the surface of single-strand or multiple-strand steel wire, and the electroplating layer is made of nickel-cobalt alloy coating, which has low thermal stress and strong bending fatigue resistance.

    2.  The wire saw is suitable for operation with sufficient cooling water, so that speed and lifespan can be balanced.


    Product Code Diameter Production Process Line Speed(M/S) Equipment Tension(N) Product Category
    WS-MN95 0.8 Electroplate 20-50 ≤180 Ring / line
    WS-MN105 1.0 Electroplate 20-50 ≤200 Ring / line
    WS-MN115 1.5 Electroplate 25-60 ≤250 Ring / line
    WS-MN125 2.0 Electroplate 25-60 ≤300 Ring / line

    small diamond wire saw
    fine wire saw
    Jade thin diamond wire saw

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