115mm Marble Diamond Grinder Electroplated Cutting Blade for Tile

Short Description:

D115*2.5*22.23mm / Flange M14 diamond coutinuous edge cutting grinding disc is designed for cutting and grinding polyester, glass fiber, polycarbonates, marble, granite, tiles, ceramic and glass.

Used on manual cutting machine, pneumatic cutting machine, angle grinder or other portable cutting machine, wet use is better.

  • Model: LF-DB-C07
  • Size: D115*2.5*22.23mm
  • Diameter: 105mm / 115mm / 125mm / 150mm / 180mm / 230mm
  • Inner hole: 22.23mm/Flange M14
  • Machine: manual cutting machine, pneumatic cutting machine, angle grinder, Portable cutting machine
  • Usage: For cutting polyester, glass fiber, polycarbonates, porcelain, ceramic, tile, marble stone etc
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    This kind of D115 diamond mesh turbo blade provides a fast and smooth cutting on tile, porcelain,  granite, ceramic and other hard materials. Used sintered technology, hot-pressed type. The special shape segments are beneficial to chipping removal and heat dissipation, the super-thin segment also is good for fast cutting.


    Light and stable, high efficiency and good performance;
    Suitable for dry cutting;
    Different arbor size and segment specification are available.


    Diameter Arbor Height
    105mm 20/22.23/25mm 8/10/12mm
    115mm 20/22.23/25mm 8/10/12mm
    125mm 20/22.23/25mm 8/10/12mm
    150mm 20/22.23/25mm 8/10/12mm
    180mm 20/22.23/25mm 8/10/12mm
    230mm 20/22.23/25mm 8/10/12mm


    1. The base metal is made of 65 manganese alloy steel, and its thickness strictly adheres to the product implementation standards. It has high strength and is strong and stable.

    2. The segment is made of high-quality diamond and metal powder mixed and sintered, with sharp and long cutting;

    3. Comes with small holes to keep the body rigid, good heat dissipation effect, no lack of sawing, no jitter, and easy, fast to cut;

    4. Various specifications can be customized flexibly, and the quality is reliable and the price is affordable.


    1. It is recommended that operators wear protective supplies such as protective glasses, protective masks, work clothes, protective shoes, gloves;

    2. Tighten the installation according to the rotation direction indicated by the saw blade, and do not work in the reverse direction;

    3. When dry cutting, do not cut continuously for a long time, so as not to affect the service life and cutting effect of the saw blade;

    4. When using wet sections, add water, do not cut the curve, please use the arc cutting blade for cutting curve;

    5. It is forbidden to use cutting blades for grinding operations. Please use professional grinding blades for grinding;

    6. Failure to use saw blades for cutting operations in accordance with relevant requirements may result in serious injury accidents.

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