11.5 mm High Abrasive Reinforced Concrete Sintering Diamond Wire Band Saw Rope

Short Description:

Diamond wire saws is suitable for high abrasive concrete, including hollow slab, foamed slab precast slab, pipeline, cobblestone building parts, newly poured concrete building parts, etc. 

  • Model: SW-YPA110
  • Diameter: 11mm / 11.5mm
  • Production Process: Vacuum Sintering
  • Number of Beads Per Meter: 40
  • Coating: Rubber + Spring
  • Cutting Speed: 18-25 m/s
  • Weight: 50m-33kg
  • Product Detail

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    1. The working part of the wire saw adopts the vacuum hot pressing sintering process after granulation reduction, with the characteristics of reasonable distribution and high holding force of the diamond.

    2.The sintering diamond wire saw has better use effect on medium and high power equipment.


    Product Code Diameter Production Process Number of Beads Coating Cutting Speed Weight
    mm pcs / meter
    SW-YPA110 11 Vacuum Sintering 40 Rubber + Spring 18-25m/s 50m-31kg
    SW-YPA115 11.5 Vacuum Sintering 40 Rubber + Spring 18-25m/s 50m-33kg

    Precautions for Use

    1. Please read the product instructions carefully before using the wire saw for the first time.

    2.  When working, the test cutting speed needs to increase from slow to fast, and the operator needs to keep a safe distance.

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