10.5 mm Subsea Diamond Concrete Wire Saw for Ultra High Strength Concrete & Pure Metal Cutting

Short Description:

Diamond wire saw can be remotely controlled from a safe location to complete precise cutting in dangerous environments, making work easier and safer!

  • Model: SW-HPAAA110
  • Diameter: 10.5mm / 11.5mm
  • Production Process: Vacuum Brazing
  • Number of Beads Per Meter: 44
  • Coating: Rubber + Spring
  • Cutting Speed: 22-28 m/s
  • Weight: 50m-29kg
  • Product Detail

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    1. Application: suitable for pouring construction, beams, pillars, supporting structures, steel components of bridge construction or tall tower cutting. Meet the cutting of concrete grade greater than or equal to M350

    2. The product is sintered beads plus spring and rubber coating, with high structural strength, high wear resistance of rubber, and not easy to wear. Please carefully read the instructions for each product accessory before using the product.



    Product Code Diameter Production Process Number of Beads Coating Cutting Speed Weight
    mm pcs / meter
    SW-HPAA110 11 Vacuum Sintering 40 Rubber + Spring 15-22m/s 50m-31kg
    SW-HPAA115 11.5 Vacuum Sintering 40 Rubber + Spring 15-22m/s 50m-33kg
    SW-HPAAA110 10.5 Vacuum Brazing 44 Rubber + Spring 22-28m/s 50m-29kg
    SW-HPAAA115 11.5 Vacuum Brazing 44 Rubber + Spring 22-28m/s 50m-31kg


    Precautions for Use

    1. Please read the product instructions carefully before using the product for the first time.

    2. Choose the appropriate rope length according to the on-site operating environment. If the rope is too far away from the cutting machine, you need to prepare a guide wheel to fix it to prevent partial wear and breakage caused by large shaking during the cutting process.

    The small diamond wire saw is suitable for special-shaped cutting of graphite, ceramics, jade, luxury stone, and glass.

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