• diamond wire saws
  • diamond gang saw for cutting stone
  • brazing strip, brazing rod, magnetic welding holder
  • Diamond hand polishing pad
  • concrete diamond core drill bits

Our advantage


LEAFUN – Creates value for users through product innovation

After more than ten years of product innovation and application, Quanzhou Leafun Diamond Tools Co., Ltd. has provided you with a high level experience. At present, Leafun has developed into a high-tech innovative enterprise dedicated to the cutting, polishing and drilling of concrete, stone, gemstones, ceramics, glass and other construction, engineering, and industrial materials.

Founded in 2009, LEAFUN has a professional product R&D team in four fields: stone cutting, reinforced-concrete cutting & drilling, grinding and polishing of hard and brittle materials, and special materials processing. We have a professional material analysis and research laboratory, a machining center, and a production plant ( Including production lines of metal, resin, ceramic, brazing, electroforming process ).  For better development and research and safe use of tools, We have distributed engineer R&D studios in different industrial bases to let engineers know more about products, customers, and industries. At present, the company has 60 employees, 17 R&D engineers with professional background, 15 engineering and technical staff, 5 professional sales staff, and 20 production technicians.

The development of LEAFUN is inseparable from customers and industry support. We will take practical actions to create value for customers, contribute to industry development and innovation, and make LEAFUN your high quality partner.


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  • Supply OEM/ODM Customization Service

    Supply OEM/ODM Customization Service

  • Since 2009

    Since 2009

  • 10 Chinese Patents

    10 Chinese Patents

  • Exported To More Than 60 Countries

    Exported To More Than 60 Countries